Atletico Madrid’s shame in the Champions League

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This Champions League for the team from Madrid was one of the worst under Diego Simeone. Despite having played 5 matches and there are 6 more, the team has lost all chances to get out of the group. Now Atletico can only hope for the Europa League, but even there the team could not yet pass. Bayer Leverkusen also claims third place in the group. Getcareergoal

Out of five games the team won only one, in the first match against Porto. The match also ended very ambiguously; all the goals were scored after the 90th minute. And the winning goal was scored on 90+11 minutes of the match. After that, the team lost twice, and then played two games in a draw.  hertube

Especially offensive was the match against a German club. In the last match the players from Atletico needed only victory. Bayer started the match with a goal by Diaby, but the Madrid side quickly equalized. Carrasco scored the return goal in the middle of the first half. Bayer’s player Hudson-Odoi broke the tie. However, Atletico evened the score again, with De Paul scoring in the second half. Makeidealcareer

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The main time of the match was coming to an end, Atletico urgently needed to score. To the main time of the match there was added 5 minutes. During this time, Simeone’s team had to take the win. In the last attack there was a controversial moment, a Bayer player played with his hand in his penalty area. At first, the match referee did not notice the moment and blew the final whistle in the match. However, he immediately revoked his decision after reviewing the moment. The team failed to convert the awarded penalty. Bayer’s goalkeeper kept out Carrasco’s shot jobexpressnews.

There was a chance to score on the attempt, but the ball hit the crossbar. After that, the referee finally ended the match. As a result, Atletico failed to get out of a not very tough group. Bruges took first place in the group, while Porto was second. Before the start of the draw, no one could have imagined that the situation would turn out this way. The last round is still important for the team. After all, if in the last match Atletico lose, and Bayer plays at least in a draw, then the Madrid team will take 4th place and will be left without the European Cup spring.

For the last match of the team definitely need to watch, because the team has nothing to lose, it is necessary at all costs to take the victory in the match.

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